Interactive Meeting Devices from Padgett Communications

Whether you plan to host a small gathering of fewer than 100 attendees, a medium-sized conference of 100-500 attendees, or a massive crowd of thousands, your Padgett Communications event manager will help you decide exactly which of our interactive meeting devices best suits your needs.

Perhaps you need 5,000 Padgett Mini keypads for your “big” meeting, and 25 or so Padgett Ativa touchscreen devices for a management breakout session. Perhaps your needs can be met by our most popular device, the Padgett Worldwide, or you may find that you require the slightly higher-end Padgett Plus. No matter the size of your event, Padgett Communications has the hardware to handle it. Each of the four different interactive meeting devices from Padgett are:

  • Field-tested around the world for reliability and ease of use
  • Individual terminals, with all responses matched against an electronically stored ID
  • Customizable with corporate logos to reinforce the company brand or for unique sponsorship opportunities

All four of our audience response devices have an eye-catching design and are certified for use in the United States, Canada, Europe and most other international regions. They are supple and sleek, yet durable. The most advanced wireless radiofrequency transmitters are enclosed and protected in a tough, thermoplastic case. And when you hire Padgett for your ARS, you will always be prepared for any interactive meeting system contingencies, such as software failure.

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