Using Padgett Communications’ Interactive Meeting Systems for Sales Strategy Sessions

Interactive Meeting SystemsHow can interactive meeting systems from Padgett Communications help streamline the development of sales strategy? While most CEOs will acknowledge the important role sales strategy meetings play in helping to dictate the priorities of the coming fiscal year, few might be aware of one of the best methods for reaching a consensus during these sometimes-contentious gatherings. Naturally, it is vital that every team member buy into the strategy once it has been settled upon, but how often do the meetings seem to go around in circles as seemingly everyone in the room tries to impose his or her point of view on everyone else?

That can be a thing of the past when you use Padgett’s interactive meeting systems. Consensus building has never been simpler, thanks to the attention to detail we give to every aspect of your audience response system (ARS). No matter if your annual sales meeting entails the use of a conference room, an auditorium, or a full-sized stadium, Padgett Communications can help you get the most out of the event.

With our service, you get:

  • A full-time project manager, trained and employed by Padgett Communications, who has on-site responsibility for setup, coordination and troubleshooting
  • The peace of mind that comes with knowing your ARS needs are being met by competent professionals with a proven track record
  • Reliable, state-of-the-art, user-friendly handheld keypads
  • Pre-event planning to determine which of Padgett Communications’ many meeting applications can best serve your needs
  • Instant archiving and permanent storage of data for easy access in the future
  • Cost certainty with a completely itemized quote

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