Interactive Vote Software & Systems for Rent from Padgett Communications

Interactive VoteIf you’d like to incorporate an interactive vote process into your organization’s regular election format, allow the team at Padgett Communications to fill your needs. With our voting systems, you’ll be able to cut down on the time taken to complete your election process, while also ensuring the data is accurate and safely stored. Choosing an interactive vote instead of a paper-ballot vote can be ideal for organizations, companies, and groups of all types and all sizes. In our more than 20 years of renting election software and systems, we’ve helped out a variety of different types of organizations, including:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Universities and schools
  • Churches
  • Fraternities and sororities
  • And more

You can vote in an interactive fashion with software and election equipment from Padgett Communications. Of course, you’ll be able to elect individuals to positions, but you can also elect multiple individuals to committees or groups. Plus, our software allows for simple, swift modifications to verbiage in bylaws, policies, and procedures, so you can vote on and approve amendments without having to reconvene later after new language has been drawn up.

For additional information about the interactive vote recording software and systems that Padgett Communications can rent to your organization to help streamline the election process and provide more accurate results for you, please contact our team today. When you do, we’ll provide you with an itemized quote detailing out prices for everything you plan to rent from us.