Interactive Voting Systems and Full-Service Support from Padgett Communications

Interactive Voting SystemsInteractive voting systems from Padgett Communications allow organizations of all sizes to hold elections efficiently without worrying about inaccurate results. This is in part thanks to our outstanding voting technology, which can be tailored to our customers’ unique needs. Of course, our exceptional service is also a key component. We work closely with our customers to ensure they receive everything they need to hold a successful election, which includes the service of an onsite project manager who will prepare for any contingency and take care of all the details, such as equipment setup and performing a rehearsal. And, during our customers’ elections, their project manager is always standing by to troubleshoot any issues if they arise.

Padgett Communications’ interactive voting systems are versatile as well as reliable. They can be used to:

  • Gain a quick consensus on an issue at a meeting or event
  • Vote a single person into a vacant position, such as a treasurer or vice president of a company
  • Vote more than one person into a single vacant position, such as a committee
  • Propose changes to an organization’s bylaws, procedures, or policies and make verbiage changes on the spot

Since 1995, Padgett Communications has served countless organizations around the globe, including banking and investment firms, Fortune 500 companies, professional associations, and more. We’re proud to maintain a 100 percent success rate.

To learn more about our interactive voting systems, contact Padgett Communications today. We will be happy to discuss your needs, make suggestions, and provide a complete price quote for our services.