Use an Interactive Keypad System at Your Upcoming Meeting or Event

Keypad Interactive Using a keypad system makes events more interactive. By providing each member of your audience with a handheld clicker, you invite them to actively engage with your presentation. This will not only help to increase information retention and group collaboration, but will also give you a simple way to gain valuable data. At Padgett Communications, we help our customers get the most out of their investment in an audience response system by providing top-of-the-line keypad technology as well as full-service support.

Padgett Communications has a reputation for providing flexible audience response solutions. For example, we offer several different kinds of clickers and our interactive keypad technology can be customized to your unique needs. Are you in need of a system that will allow your audience to answer simple yes/no and multiple choice questions? If so, our small and easy-to-use Padgett Mini is the ideal solution. Or, if you require a system that will help streamline an election that involves differing voting weights among many delegates, our Padgett Plus – which can be pre-programmed and has a secure login feature – is the perfect choice. Because our interactive keypad systems are so versatile, we have served organizations of all sizes around the globe, including:

  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Syndicated television networks
  • Energy companies
  • Sororities and fraternities
  • Research and technology firms
  • And many others

What’s more, Padgett Communications provides an unparalleled level of service. We send a dedicated project manager to our customers’ events who handles everything from equipment setup to troubleshooting to ensure that their events go smoothly.

To learn more about the interactive keypad systems that we provide to organizations around the globe, contact Padgett Communications today.