Meeting Voting Systems From Padgett Communications Provide Instant Outcomes Measurement

Meeting voting systems from Padgett Communications transform any gathering into an ultra-collaborative, highly productive experience. Padgett’s audience response technology combines the simplicity of a handheld keypad with the clarity and versatility of high-production-value audio, video, and graphic presentations to provide instant feedback. Conducting business as a group has never been more efficient and informative. The audience response system (ARS) from Padgett allows a meeting facilitator or educator to:

  • Identify potential areas of a business or organization in need of change
  • Prioritize concepts and ideas based on consensus
  • Gauge support for particular ideas or concepts
  • Ensure discretion for attendees
  • Maintain attendee interest

Response data is instantly available with our electronic voting systems, and can be presented graphically through a variety of methods:

  • Pie chart – effective for “yes” and “no” or demographic questions
  • Vertical bar chart – a standard histogram is ideal when there are many possible answers to a question
  • Pencil chart – uses cylinders, rather than bars, to illustrate data; good for variety in the presentation
  • Horizontal bar chart – used most often when possible responses are listed below one another, rather than side by side

Padgett Communications offers the highest standards of customer service and value in the ARS industry worldwide, and we can accommodate meetings of up to 25,000 participants. Call or click today to learn more about our meeting voting systems, or for an itemized quote for your event.