Real Time Voting From Padgett Communications

Real time voting from Padgett Communications is a great way to generate enthusiasm and gather actionable information at your next event. And when we say “actionable,” we mean right then, that moment, when the information is fresh and meaningful. How nice would it be to have the ability to build on a poll result, or to amplify a complicated point, simply by changing your presentation “on the fly?” Padgett Communications can make that happen.

Real time voting is just that – voting in the moment, most likely in response to a question, often with several answer options corresponding to a key on a hand-held device. The questions can be multiple-choice, true-false, either-or, or any other format you choose. Padgett Communications provides a wide variety of display options as well, including pie charts, bar charts, pencil charts, X-Y mapping, and more.

The uses of real time voting include:

  • Building consensus quickly
  • Encouraging audience engagement
  • Streamlining compilation and archiving of data
  • Presenting poll results immediately, in a variety of formats
  • Illustrating complex concepts simply
  • Much More

Call or click today to discover how to extract a wealth of information from your next event or meeting using real time voting from Padgett Communications. We’ll provide all the technical support and on-site management you need, and your completely itemized quote is complimentary.