Get the Bugs Out with a Detailed ARS Rehearsal

Long before your event attendees begin to file in, you’ll want to be sure that the audience response system is good to go. With a Padgett Communications project manager by your side, you won’t need to spend time on rehearsal. That’s because we take care of everything, including equipment setup and software programming, then check and double-check to be sure all systems are go.

A detailed rehearsal will reveal any potential problems hours before they can cause an embarrassing moment on stage. Your Padgett project manager will ensure that:

  • All audio-video equipment is functional
  • The presentation option you choose is in place and working
  • The instant data archiving and storage system is ready
  • The radio frequency transmitter is up and running
  • Your options are open if you decide to change the program on the fly
  • All contingencies are accounted for

To learn more about Padgett Communications’ commitment to professionalism and preparedness, contact us today.