Interested in Renting an Audience Response System? Padgett Communications Has You Covered

Renting Audience Response SystemIf you’re looking into renting an audience response system (ARS) for an upcoming conference, meeting, or other event, allow Padgett Communications to serve your needs. We’ve proudly rented state-of-the-art ARS equipment for more than 20 years to companies and businesses all across the globe. Over that time, we’ve amassed a 100 percent success rate, proving our expertise in the industry. So, if you want the best, choose Padgett.

When you choose to work with Padgett Communications for an audience response system rental, you’ll receive so much more than simply ARS equipment and software. After all, if you haven’t worked with ARS technology before, how are you supposed to know how to appropriately set up and run everything? We understand that sentiment, and that is precisely why we will also send along one of our dedicated project managers with the ARS equipment we deliver. This individual will be responsible for:

  • Installing all ARS software and setting up all equipment on site in the venue
  • Configuring the available video display boards, monitors, or projector screens to be well suited for your event and ensuring that they will easily be visible for all attendees
  • Guiding you through a pre-event walkthrough to help you visualize how the event will run with ARS equipment utilized, giving you confidence to lead a successful event
  • Standing by you throughout the event to quickly troubleshoot and address any problems or complications that arise

For further information about the many different advantages to renting an audience response system from the trusted professionals at Padgett Communications, please contact us today. When you do, we’ll provide you with a totally itemized quote for all that you plan to rent from us.