RF Voting From Padgett Communications

Radio frequency, or RF, voting from Padgett Communications is a secure, dependable way to gather information, build consensus, conduct market research, or encourage interactivity at your next meeting. Padgett’s audience response systems cater to events of any size, in virtually any venue, using the latest technology in hand-held keypads, audience response software, and secure signal transmitters.

Why use RF voting, and not a smart phone-based voting system for your next event? For one thing, when your speaker has the spotlight, he or she is not going to appreciate being interrupted by a phone ringing – or worse, ignored while audience members carry on voice or text conversations on their iPhones, Android or Blackberry devices.

There are many other practical reasons to employ RF voting, rather than relying on smart phones. Those reasons include:

  • Potential connectivity problems in the auditorium or conference room
  • Poor technical support (if something goes wrong, attendees will almost certainly seek out the busy event planner for answers!)
  • Less security than RF voting
  • Limited battery power in the devices
  • Unless every attendee is issued the same device, several different programs will be necessary
  • Issuing every attendee the same type of smart phone or tablet device could be cost-prohibitive
  • And More

None of this is a problem when you bring Padgett Communications on board to handle your audience feedback and voting. Call or click today to learn more about how RF voting beats using smart phones for your next event.