Vote Using Clickers from Padgett Communications to Streamline Your Organization’s Upcoming Election

Vote ClickersBy having your delegates vote with clickers provided by Padgett Communications, your organization will be able to generate fast and reliable election results. This is because traditional methods, such as counting paper ballots, are time consuming and subject to human error, whereas our devices can be counted on to produce accurate results every time. Plus, when you work with Padgett Communications, you won’t have to spend your time setting up the equipment and figuring out how to use it properly. Unlike many other companies, we’ll send an account manager to wherever your election is being held who will handle everything for you. He or she will even be standing by during the voting process to make any last minute changes you require or to perform troubleshooting.

Another reason to vote with clickers from Padgett Communications is that we have devices that simplify even the most complex voting applications. For example, our Padgett Plus keypad is the ideal voting device because it:

  • Has multi-selection capabilities, which makes it easy to vote more than one person into a multi-seated position, such as a committee
  • Has a login feature to protect the integrity of your organization’s election results
  • Can support an imported list of each delegate’s individual voting weight

Countless organizations have chosen to vote with clickers provided by Padgett Communications since 1995, and, since then, we’ve maintained a 100 percent success rate, speaking to our reliability and expertise.

To learn more about the benefits of having your delegates vote with clickers, contact Padgett Communications today.