Voting Pads From Padgett Communications

Padgett Communications, the worldwide leader in the audience response systems (ARS) industry, is pleased to offer voting pads featuring Reply wireless response technology. We offer a variety of hand-held devices, each with its own unique features. Your Padgett project manager will work closely with you to determine which of our wireless keypads is right for you.

The four hand-held devices we offer are:

  • The Reply Ativa. This is the most recent addition to the Padgett Communications array of voting pads. Its full-color, LCD touch display, question and multiple choice answer options can be displayed on-screen. In addition, an onscreen QWERTY keyboard provides full alphanumeric capability.
  • The Reply Worldwide. This popular device allows for 10 separate answer options, and its three programmable soft keys provides audience members the ability to alert presenters to questions or comments. The Worldwide’s easy-to-read display confirms a response has been received.
  • The Reply Plus. This advanced keypad builds on the basics of the Worldwide with a two-line LCD display, multiple-room voting ability, an alarm function to alert users if they’ve moved out of range, and more. Multi-digit entry functionality allows up to 20 answer options.
  • The Reply Mini. This simplified device is ideal for a stadium setting, a classroom, or other unique events. It incorporates the important features of ARS into a wearable keypad smaller and more durable than a credit card. It has five keys for multiple choice answers or other formats.

Call or click today to learn more about the features and advantages of the voting pads offered by Padgett Communications. We’ll be pleased to provide a complimentary, completely itemized quote for your next event.