Interactive Audience Polling and ARS Systems From Padgett Communications

Interactive audience polling from Padgett Communications provides the power of instant feedback through user-friendly, handheld keypads. If you are wondering whether an audience response system or ARS from Padgett Communications is right for your conference or meeting, ask yourself these questions:

  • How often have you left a meeting or speaking engagement wondering if the message really resonated with the attendees?
  • How many hours have been committed over the years to compiling handwritten survey data?
  • Is there a simple, practical way to maintain audience engagement?

With the ARS experts from Padgett Communications by your side, you’ll never have to wonder if the message was received and understood. Your data not only will be displayed using high-production-value video and audio, it will be instantly compiled and archived for later analysis. And whether you decide to use wireless audience polling to grab your audience’s attention with a fun, interactive game show, or challenge conventional wisdom with insightful, logical poll questions, you’ll never have to confront that “glazed-over” look that tends to develop over the course of a run-of-the-mill meeting.

Interactive Audience Polling

Interactive audience polling coordinated by Padgett Communications allows you to:

  • Maintain audience engagement and involvement
  • Quickly build consensus
  • Streamline data compilation and archiving
  • Present poll results instantly
  • Simply illustrate complex concepts
  • Much more

Call or click today to learn more about the innovative interactive audience polling systems from Padgett Communications. We’ll gladly provide a free, itemized quote for your next event.