Electronic Voting Systems From Padgett Communications

Electronic voting systems from Padgett Communications transform any meeting, big or small, into a lively, interactive information session by encouraging give-and-take between audience members and the presenter. The audience response systems (ARS) experts from Padgett will work closely with you to ensure a smooth, productive event from start to finish.

Padgett’s electronic voting systems employ gold standard audience response systems technology for maximum efficiency and reliability. Our meeting voting systemscater to gatherings around the world of any size or scope, for virtually any purpose, including:

  • Electronic Voting SystemsMedical advisory groups
  • Sales meetings
  • Breakout sessions
  • Delegate voting
  • New product testing
  • Focus groups
  • Employee feedback
  • Strategic planning and team building
  • Entertainment events
  • Education and training
  • Much more

Choose from a versatile array of hand-held keypad devices and audience feedback transmitters, which can instantly record audience response for practically any kind of question or proposal. Then, the information can be immediately displayed in graph or chart form, or compiled and stored for future use. Click or call today to learn more about how the electronic voting systems from Padgett Communications can help you get the most out of your next event.